The Scito Foundation is a private non-profit organization, located in Valencia, which carries out international activities aimed at promoting, developing and supporting the study, advancement, conservation and dissemination of scientific, technological and cultural heritage. The main activities of the Scito Foundation are the scientific and technological dissemination through conferences, and the publishing activity to promote the promotion, diffusion, learning and the public communication of literary and cultural works within our own linguistic domain.



nanoGe is a prestigious brand of successful science conferences that are developed along the year in different areas of the world since 2009.

Scito Edicions

Scito Edicions is the publisher of the Scito Foundation. The support for language and knowledge, in all its versions, defines our work.


Descriu is a journal in the Valencian language configured by the authors, without guidance or planning by a committee.

Scito Conferences

Technical Secretariat of conferences, congresses and meetings. If you have a specific meeting in mind, on the subject of your specialty, we can provide all the support.